Plastic Free Ways to Preserve Food

Zero-Waste Produce Bags


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Zero-Waste Produce Bags
Zero-Waste Produce Bags
Zero-Waste Produce Bags

Save the earth and eliminate plastic wrap from reaching our oceans! We give you 12 bags in three different sizes so you will never need a plastic bag again while shopping. Our Zero-Waste Produce Bags are are washing machine-friendly, and easy to store in your fridge or purse.  They keep your vegetables and fruit fresh much longer, using a breathable mesh instead of suffocating them with plastic. Every bag can be closed tight with the drawstring.

You get 3 large, 6 medium and 3 small.

  • BPA free & food safe (100 % food grade mesh)
  • Machine washable & easy to clean
  • Reusable
  • Zero-waste

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