To Kombucha or not to Kombucha?!

alexandra vrabec

About 2 years ago I was watching my son's lacrosse game and a mom sitting next to me kept drinking this funny smelling liquid out of a glass bottle.  I asked her what it was and she said "oh it's kombucha, it's not for everyone, it's an acquired taste, you probably won't like it."  I watched her every time she took a sip... she would make a funny face and it seemed as if SHE wasn't enjoying it at all.  

I decided right then and there that kombucha was not for me.

Fast forward about 2 years...  all I see is kombucha at the grocery stores...everywhere!  And kombucha making kits... I guess if people make wine & beer, they can make kombucha.  Heck, I make my own almond milk, but I think the process is a little easier :)

So what exactly is kombucha?  Well it's a fermented, slightly sparkling, sweetened black or green tea.  The fermentation process takes about 2 weeks.  It also contains less than 0.5% alcohol.  It's a rich source or probiotics and antioxidants.

When shopping for kombucha, always look at the ingredients, making sure that there is less than 4 grams of sugar per serving.

So where am I going with this blog?

Well I just spent a few days up on the Sunshine Coast, working and relaxing with the dogue.  Highly recommend doing this btw, without the teenager!  I stumbled upon this very cool vegan eatery,  Hooraw Sunshine Coast Vegan Market, and ofcourse they had kombucha.  Why not?!  Raincoast kombucha is locally made in Powell River (bonus #1), it's chai tea flavoured (bonus #2) and it's relatively low in sugar at 9 grams (bonus #3).  I took it back home and absolutely loved it!  It tastes ever so slightly acidic and has notes of ginger, cardamon and cinnamon.  Would I drink it everyday?  Probably not.  But it definitely is a much better alternative to fruit juices and pop.

Another bonus to kombucha... it's excellent with beer.  In fact, many craft breweries are embracing hard kombucha and creating a kombucha-beer hybrid.

Again, who would have thought?!

This was my first time trying kombucha and probably not my last.  I highly recommend trying this brand out: Raincoast.  It's delicious and it's local. 

Do you drink kombucha?  What are your favourites?  Leave me a message ;) 

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