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alexandra vrabec

It's Pride weekend in Vancouver friends...and if you're going out and celebrating, I hope you actually have an insight into the meaning behind PRIDE.

I recently came across a post on facebook that said "who's going to pride?" There was a pic of an Old Navy tank with a rainbow on it along with other purchases they had made.  Their feet were in the pic too!  At least if you're taking a pic of what you've bought, don't put your feet in it.  In the comments section of the post were gifs of rainbows, party drinks and another pick of rainbow flags and other crap bought at the dollar store.  So they are going to wear all of this stuff, go to the Pride parade, take tons of pics of floats and drag queens and whatever, and then post again.  And they are going to feel good about doing it.  And also for the attention and likes.  But do they really know what Pride means?  All I'm saying is DON'T WEAR THE RAINBOW AND PRETEND YOU KNOW WHAT IT STANDS FOR!

I'm all for having fun, don't get me wrong.  It's going to be a great weekend with amazing weather and tons of activities to take in.  But make sure you know the meaning behind it before you get all hyped up!

I mean I get why people jump on the's an inherent need of feeling as if you're making a difference and doing something good.  But are you really?  Do you really understand what you're doing and what it stands for?

Pride is an inwardly directed emotional term with a positive connotation referring to a humble and content sense of attachment towards one's own or another's choices and actions, or towards a whole group of people.  It is a product of praise, independent self-reflection and fulfilled feelings of belonging.


It's Pride month, not Pride weekend or Pride day.  In fact, it's Pride indefinitely and all the time and anywhere, not just this weekend or during the parade.  Simply holding the beliefs doesn't make you a better person or more superior.  You're not extra special because you believe.  You have TO DO and establish the values, not just create some belief in your mind.

We have come so far as a society in building a better foundation for a more safer and equitable world for the LGBTQ people and families.  Every person should be able to live safely, openly, and genuinely in the places we call home.

It's so important to accept people from all walks of life wherever they are from, not just the LGBTQ family, but EVERYONE!  Having inclusivity as a core value should be ingrained and maintained in all humans - values set expectations, drive decision-making and build a culture that inspires our actions.

So please, go out and have fun this weekend, enjoy all the festivities that Pride has to offer.  But make sure you understand the full meaning behind it.  Wear the rainbow with PRIDE and remember your inner values :)


This is me riding for the Rainbow Foundation of Hope Loud & Proud Fundraiser put on proudly by Ride Cycle Club and Lululemon.  If you want to donate, visit their website  and donate here.  Add Loud & Proud into the message field.



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