My Roots as a Moravian Sparrow

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Why TwoLittleSparrows?  What's the significance? Translate sparrow into Czech and you get Vrabec.  Try it... I dare you.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  TwoLittleSparrows is dvě malé vrabci.  And who are the TwoLittleSparrows?  Me and my son of course.  So that's the significance of the name and where it comes from.

Let's go to my Moravian roots shall we... Moravia was a central region in Middle Europe and is now part of the Czech Republic, bordered by Bohemia to the west and northwest, Silesia to the north east, Slovakia to the east, and lower Austria to the south.  It served as the centre for a major medieval kingdom and is rich with culture, religious faith, architecture and of course food!

What is a moravian sparrow or a moravští vrabec?  It's actually a most favoured dish in all of Czech.  It's actually called moravští vrabci (moravian sparrows).  As you can guess, the Moravians don't shoot poor little sparrows to rustle up some lunch.  It's a dish made of dumplings (bread over potato please), sauerkraut (purple is sweeter) and roast pork.  If I went back to eating meat, this would be first on my list.  Instead of pork, it can be served with a small fowl.  When I was in Prague a few years ago, I saw my name on the menu several times!!  Here is a link to the recipe, if you can read's in Czech)! Recipe


So that's the meaning behind TwoLittleSparrows... it's me and my son and our namesake heritage.  Here's a pic of the head sparrow giving advice to his grandsparrows in Prague, right before walking up to the castle.  


And another pic with both head sparrows and their grandsparrows.  FYI, there's 7 grandsparrows in total.

And here's just a pretty pic of the castle at night.

What are your roots?  Does your name have any meaningful significance?  Leave your comments below :)

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