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alexandra vrabec

 Say hello to Miss Yuka, Bobby & Miss Tecia Torres.  The first is Miss Yuka (fka Yana), a 2 1/2 year old rescue pup from Taiwan.  She's a formosan mountain dog mix.  The owners of her sister, Noki (fka Yelti), did a DNA test and surprise, she's got some german shepherd in her and some Korean jindoo (sp?).  These breeds are highly alert and are amazing and quirky.  You have to get to know them though.  They can be extremely shy and weary of strangers.  She's the best.  The owners of her brother, Rocky (fka Yale), are coming up to Whistler in August so she will finally get to see her brother after 2 years.  I rescued her from Mary's Doggies, in Taiwan.  Mary does amazing things with these dogs.  When she rescues a litter, she names them all with the same letter.  Yuka was a 'Y' pup.  This makes it easy to find one another on social media.  Who would have thought?! So blessed to have her.

There's my little dumpling calico Bobby (fka Princess).  I call her Little Miss.    She's a love muffin and struts her stuff like it's nobody's business.  She came from China.  She has the loudest purr, it's insane.  She sheds like crazy and is such a picky eater.  Bobby loves to be held like a little baby.

And finally, we have Miss Tecia Torres, our tuxedo rescue that we brought back from Mexico in March.  I call her Tuxedo Tess.  We kept her name!  Okay, she is hilarious.  She will eat anything in sight.  And she will eat all day long.  She torments poor Bobby but Bobby puts her in her place.  She's the sweetest little girl, long and skinny.  She just wants to be loved.  And has serious fomo... whenever I take Yuka for a walk, Tecia stands by the path and meows so loud.  She eventually follows us but not too far!  So glad we could give her a special home.  

Tell me all about the pets in your house!

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