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alexandra vrabec

So last summer after a beautiful trip to Croatia, I decided to go vegetarian when I got back home.  And it's been so wonderful.  I still eat fish, so I guess I'm a pescatarian.  I teach full-time grade 7's.  My passion is art and math - I know, weird combo.  Anyway, I'm always instilling eco-conscious lessons and ideas into my students...and my 15-year old son.  We were on Bowen a few weeks ago and saw a plastic bag floating in the ocean.  I got it out, after 30 minutes.  He thought I was crae.  It was such an amazing feeling.  I'm doing my part to live a sustainable and ethical lifestyle.  I workout like crazy, I spin. I do pilates.  This boutique is my passion, it's my calling.  I'm so glad you are able to share it with me... xoxo bless & hearts,  alex.

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  • I have been so happy with the products I have purchased from two sparrows! I use my bamboo cutlery set everyday for lunch; they are are easy to use, clean and so convenient.
    The produce bags I purchased are great for my weekly shopping trip. The shipping was convenient and the customer was personable. Katherine from Edmonton AB

    Katherine Klingenberg

  • Congratulations Alex on this fantastic company! Your products are amazing. I saw your blog about soooo not being a blogger. If you are ever stuck for blogging ideas post your favourite vegetarian recipes. I love recipes and always look for more plant based ones.


  • I’m glad you are teaching your students about your passion and how it so important to love our earth!


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